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    What’s the hiring process like?

    Our hiring process is highly competitive, but it’s relatively easy to apply. 

    Submit an application through our portal here. Include a brief cover letter emphasizing your areas of greatest competence and attach your resume and 2-3 writing samples. 

    We’ll review your application and if we like your work, we’ll get in touch with you and ask you to complete our writing assessment. The writing assessment is a short piece on a topic within your subject expertise, but it will give us a good idea of how effectively and quickly you can produce quality work. If you pass the writing assessment, there is a quick phone interview where we discuss responsibilities and clarify any questions you might have. 

    Once you make it through the phone interview, you can start working as one of our scholars! 

    If I don't pass the assessment, how can I be sure that my Writing Assessment won’t be used for other purposes than for evaluating my skills?

    We never use or sell completed writing assessments. The only purpose of the writing assessment is for us to evaluate your writing by assigning you a topic arbitrarily chosen by our team. Feel free to put a watermark or protect your content. 

    How is work distributed?

    Having access to a reliable stream of work is a major concern for many scholars who freelance. As such, we have a simple workflow which determines how we distribute tasks among the scholars who freelance with us:

    1. A client submits a request
    2. We process the request and clarify any outstanding questions with the client
    3. We examine the roster and offer the assignment to the most qualified available scholar
    4. If the scholar has any additional questions to ask the client before accepting the assignment, we communicate with the client on the scholar’s behalf until the scholar’s work order is clear
    5. If the scholar can’t accept the assignment for some reason, we pitch the assignment to other scholars until we find someone else to handle the assignment

    Work is distributed to our scholars on the basis of your skill set, your capacity to take on additional work, your history with us, and how much work our clients request. 

    We do our best to match our scholars with assignments that they have the skills to complete better than anyone else. This means that if you’re an expert in an area, you’ll be the first to get access to a new assignment. Likewise, if you tell us that you can take a lot of work, we’ll try to send more assignments your way. Finally, the longer you spend working with us, the more we’ll favor you when it comes to distributing work. 

    Which scholarly skill sets are in high demand?

    We have a high demand for many different disciplines, including:

    • Finance
    • Biology
    • Marketing
    • Business
    • Mathematics
    • Social sciences
    • Humanities

    In general, we don’t have as much demand for scholarship within the hard sciences — but don’t let that dissuade you from applying. We strive to find a place for all scholars who demonstrate talent.

    How frequently do I get paid?

    Scholars are paid twice a month, on the 15th and the last day of every month.

    How do I get paid?

    We pay our scholars via PayPal. You don’t need to send us an invoice  – we only ask that you use our platform’s billing feature, and you’ll get paid promptly every time.

    Is there a referral program?

    At present, we don’t have a formal referral program for our scholars. But, if you think that you know someone who would be a good fit for the job, please send them our way and we can work out a way to compensate you if they end up joining the team. 

    Is the Writing Assessment paid?

    Yes, the writing assessment is paid! If you pass the writing assessment successfully, you’ll be paid $30.

    What is the workload like?

    The workload is determined by how much capacity you have to perform work as well as the number of assignments clients request. In the fall and the spring, we tend to have more assignments to offer for our scholars than in the depth of winter or the middle of summer. 

    Some of our scholars take on 40 or more hours per week during these peak times, whereas others prefer to only take the occasional assignment. It all depends on how much you want to do and how busy we are. 

    What kinds of assignments are typical?

    There are a handful of types of assignments which our clients request. Typical assignments include:

    • Synopses of primary and secondary literature
    • Market research reports
    • Policy position papers
    • Marketing plans
    • Historical digests
    • Econometric analyses
    • Argumentative essays
    • Case study analyses
    • Business plans
    • Statistical analyses
    • Assembling presentations for investors or other stakeholders

    However, if these assignments don’t mesh with your talents, don’t worry. Whenever our clients submit a request, we consider whether we can serve their request on the basis of the skills that our scholars have. In other words, if we get a request that we think you can handle, we’ll pitch it your way.

    What skills do our most successful scholars have?

    Our most successful scholars have a few things in common. 

    First, they’re great at the research process, and can harvest and parse information faster and more deeply than anyone else. Our scholars are ready to understand complex topics on a rapid timetable, and they know how to document their research process so that it isn’t a mystery to whoever reads their output. 

    Second, our best scholars are willing to take assignments which are slightly outside their comfort level so that they can learn new skills while working. A can-do attitude and a healthy portion of hard work leaves our finest scholars more formidable than when we first started to work with them. 

    Finally, our most successful scholars are great at delivering our clients with exactly what they’re looking for exactly when they need it. Meeting deadlines is a given, and asking as many clarifying questions before starting work is essential.

    Who will I be working alongside?

    When you work with us, you’ll be working with a group of world-class scholars and writers who are committed to delivering high-quality bespoke research. You’ll also be working with a great administration and management team who will work hard to ensure that you feel like you’re part of the family and that you have everything you need to excel. 

    What rate of pay is typical for an assignment?

    The pay rates for each assignment vary depending on how much work the assignment will require, the turnaround expected by the client, and the service tier the client purchased. Our rates are among the best in the research industry for freelancers, and go as high as $25 per double-spaced page. This means that a short 1000-word assignment could pay as much as $100. 

    How much can I make?

    Our leading scholars make the majority of their monthly income using our platform, and work with us nearly full-time. For some, this can be as much as $4000 or more per month

    Other scholars choose to take on less work and make anywhere from $500 to $1000 per month.